• Pharrell Williams

    But it’s not just the record industry that’s clamoring for Williams—the fashion world is also after the head N.E.R.D. Factories can’t stitch his Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream clothing lines quickly enough to keep up with demand, and Williams… [ read more ]

  • Natalia Fabia

    “I have a weird thing with voyeurism,” says artist Natalia Fabia, whose paintings depict “rad, talented chicks” in private, doing things like hugging a stuffed bunny or eating an ice-cream cone, often while wearing little more than their undies. Fabia’s… [ read more ]

  • Zoo York

    From the outside, the offices of skateboard and clothing company Zoo York look like any other dull, gray building in midtown Manhattan. The inside is another story. Up the elevator and through a conference room decorated with skateboard decks, down… [ read more ]

  • Ted Nemeth

    “Shit, where am I?” furniture designer Ted Nemeth mumbles into the phone before asking to reschedule our interview, blaming his confusion on a booze-fueled night out. Apparently, a pre-noon phone interview on a Saturday is a ridiculous request for this… [ read more ]

  • Allison Burns

    “When I shop at Nordstrom, the store employees follow me around,” says Los Angeles makeup artist and handbag designer Allison Burns. If only those department store employees, on the look for shoplifters, knew they were tailing the head of a… [ read more ]

  • Mitchell Binder

    There is a balance to accessorizing: You want to look like you’re not about to take shit from anyone, but you don’t want to over do it and end up more Prince than punk. For some, this balance is an… [ read more ]

  • Eve Salvail

    “Getting the name of a loved one tattooed on you jinxes the relationship,” says Éve Salvail. She should know. She had the name of a girlfriend tattooed three separate times—and each time they broke up, she had to get the… [ read more ]