Army of Two: The 40th Day

February 4 2010

Here’s the setup: Two steroid-shooting, joke-spewing mercenaries are in Shanghai for a routine mission. When the city comes under siege from a rival private military contractor, the cocky duo ditch the bravado and prepare for the worst. Escaping the chaotic… [ read more ]

BioShock 2

January 27 2010

Real estate in Rapture must be at an all-time low. Ten years after Andrew Ryan’s empire of individualism was disrupted, a new figurehead has taken over the underwater city. With an ex-priest rallying deranged citizens to the new leader’s cause… [ read more ]


January 13 2010

“Infinity climax action” sure sounds dirty, and that’s just how Platinum Games describes its latest. Taking cues from Devil May Cry and an LSD binge, Bayonetta stars a scantily clad witch who wears only her long hair for clothing, shoots… [ read more ]

Left 4 Dead 2

December 23 2009

The best undead shooter on the planet returns with even wilder brain-feeding frenzies. The sequel’s five new campaigns span the Deep South as you move through shopping malls, amusement parts, and a murky bayou while facing an array of relentless… [ read more ]

Assassin’s Creed II

December 16 2009

You didn’t dream of screwing with the clergy in medieval Italy. But when Ezio Auditore da Firenze’s father is wrongly executed, the nobleman turns assassin and takes up the blade to exact revenge on the corrupt politicians, businessmen, and men… [ read more ]

Forza Motorsport 3

December 9 2009

Spend more time with your cars than with your girlfriend? Look into counseling and clear your schedule. With 400 road burners from 50 manufacturers, Forza 3’s garage makes Jay Leno’s car collection look like a used car lot. The second… [ read more ]

DJ Hero

December 2 2009

With gamers suffering from a Guitar Hero overdose, it’s time for turntables to take center stage. With consulting help from legendary artists Jay-Z and Eminem, this hip-hop take on Guitar Hero’s addictive gameplay wins over wannabe mix masters with its… [ read more ]

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