December 31 2014

The hip-hop artist has an unlikely muse: Jerry Seinfeld. Not that there is anything wrong with that. When you think of rappers referencing moving pictures the usual suspects are titles like Scarface (Future), Hoodlum (Gang Starr) or The Wire (Eminem)…. [ read more ]

Riff Raff

November 7 2014

He’s crazier than Tarzan on the Vine and he has a wild new album out—Neon Icon, featuring guests like Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller and Childish Gambino. Want insight into Riff Raff? We spent more than six seconds with him. Want… [ read more ]

Yelawolf: Out of the Box

June 16 2014

Listen to his new album or looks at his tattooed skin, and you’ll know Yelawolf, the rapper behind “Box Chevy V,” is a proud non-conformist. From the second he exploded onto the scene, Yelawaolf has presented the music industry with… [ read more ]

Skylar Grey: Woodrat

May 27 2014

When Skylar Grey sings “Coming Home,” she isn’t talking about a mansion in the suburbs or a luxury apartment in the city. The Woodrat is talking about a cabin in the country. I’M COMING HOME/I’M COMING HOME/TELL THE WORLD I’M… [ read more ]

Kid Ink

July 17 2013

Kid Ink Give him a rat-tat-tat-tat beat and the tattooed rapper goes off. kidinkmusic.com It seemed too cute and too expected for INKED to cover an unknown rapper just signed to a major label simply because his moniker coincides with… [ read more ]

Terry Kennedy

February 28 2013

For this street skateboarder, it’s all about the shoes. There are six million reasons to get into skateboarding, and for Terry Kennedy it was fashion. “I played basketball at school with this kid who skated and I’d keep checking out… [ read more ]

Ricky Hil (Web Exclusive)

February 5 2013

Ricky Hil (@rickyhil) may be the son of famous fashion mogul Tommy Hilfiger, but he’s worked his ass off to overcome a lot of adversity and make a name for himself in hip-hop. The rising rapper has been in music… [ read more ]