Ink Master

You May Now Approach The Judge’s Bench

June 17 2015

As the new season of Ink Master brings in mentors and apprentices, judges Oliver Peck and Chris Nuñez talk candidly about that dynamic in the tattoo world. One of the most visual representations of tattooing both to our community and to the… [ read more ]

Joey Hamilton

February 26 2014

Joey Hamilton: Meet your New Ink Master Spike TV’s Ink Master just keeps getting better. Not only does the show celebrate great tattoos and educate the public on good and bad tattoos, it enhances the careers of tattooers deserving the… [ read more ]

Ink Master Season 4 Roster Announced

January 14 2014

Spike announced Ink Master Season 4’s contestants this morning. The network’s highest rated and most-watched original program returns to the air 10:00PM on February 25, 2014, where the following will compete for $100,000, a feature in INKED magazine, and the… [ read more ]


February 14 2013

Ink Master Winner (Season 2): Steve Tefft Visit: How did your journey to become the Ink Master begin? Sort of in the wrong way. When I was a kid I would draw tattoos, and I saw in the back… [ read more ]

Nick D’Angelo: Who Will Be The Inked Master?

October 8 2012

Nick D’Angelo The Black Pearl Buffalo, NY 4 years experience In high school, D’Angelo worked in a sign shop that made New Orleans replica street signs, and he fell in love with both the Crescent City and its pirate lore…. [ read more ]

Clint Cummings: Who Will Be The Ink Master?

October 2 2012

Clint Cummings Sparrows Tattoo Company Dallas, TX 16 years experience When Cummings was 15, he was getting himself into trouble—so his dad bought him a tattoo machine, thinking it would give him an outlet for his restlessness. It did. He’s… [ read more ]

Jamie Davies: Who Will Be the Next Inked Master?

October 2 2012

Jamie Davies Tattooz Ink Redding, CA 17 years experience Davies is an oddity in that he’s a veteran tattooer with only one piece of ink on his skin. As a self-described obsessive-compulsive workaholic, he says that he’s too busy focusing… [ read more ]

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