Ink Master

Sebastian Murphy: Who Will Be The Ink Master?

October 1 2012

Sebastian Murphy Wholeshot Tattoo Berkley, MI 15 years experience Murphy came to tattooing through his work as an airbrush artist when he was a teenager. While glimpses of his past can been seen in his tattoos, he mainly works in… [ read more ]

Cee Jay “Inky” Jones: Who Will Be The Inked Master?

September 27 2012

Cee Jay “Inky” Jones Krave | Detroit, MI 15 years experience The dreaded cover-up tattoo doesn’t make Jones nervous; rather, she shines in correcting scratchers’ mistakes. Her tattoos are often bright, colorful, and pinuppy. The badass mom has a… [ read more ]

Mark Matthews: Who Will Be The Inked Master?

September 27 2012

Mark Matthews Coastal Tattoo Company San Francisco, CA 14 years experience Matthews is a self-taught artist who respects the styles of traditional Japanese and American ink. Don’t expect him to back down from competition: He’s also a professional mixed martial… [ read more ]

Sarah Miller: Who Will Be The Inked Master?

September 26 2012

Sarah Miller Wyld Chyld Tattoo Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh, PA 6 years experience Miller comes with a different outlook on tattooing. After having worked with numerous design firms on branding campaigns, she quit her thriving graphic design and illustration career… [ read more ]

“Big Daddy” Tray Benham: Who Will Be The Inked Master?

September 26 2012

“Big Daddy” Ray Benham Big Daddy’s Tattoo | Brandenburg, KY 20 years experience Some tattoo artists let their work do the talking—and while Benham’s pieces speak for themselves, his silver southern tongue also interjects. Using super clean lines, smooth… [ read more ]

Jesse Smith: Who Will Be The Ink Master?

September 25 2012

Jesse Smith Loose Screw Tattoo | Richmond, VA 15 years experience Since Smith’s resume boasts a job of drawing caricatures at Busch Gardens, there’s no doubt that if a quirky, cartoonish tattoo goes in front of the judges, it… [ read more ]

Who Is The Ink Master?

December 6 2011

Finally. After years of Project Runway, America’s Next Top Model, Top Chef, and Top Valet Parker, Spike TV has given tattoo artists their due with Ink Master, a worthy new addition to the genre of reality competition shows. And that… [ read more ]

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