Inked for a Cause

Mary-Kate Oreovicz

September 20 2010

Name: Mary-Kate Oreovicz What is your job? Development Manager at Students for a Free Tibet International Headquarters in NYC What social causes are most important to you? Human rights and independence in Tibet. What charities do you support – and… [ read more ]


July 26 2010

Name: Otep Shamaya What is your job? I consider myself a writer, thinker, singer, provocateur. What I hope to provoke is a lucid madness that frees people from the limited ways we are taught to think and feel. What social… [ read more ]

Debra Skelton

May 25 2010

Name: Debra Skelton What is your job? I’m an actress/comedian What social causes are most important to you? Animal welfare and at-risk-youth What charities do you support? Create Now, New Leash On Life Animal Rescue, The Four Legged Friends Foundation,… [ read more ]

Raja Sahota

May 10 2010

Name: Raja Sahota What is your job? I run an outdoors company in Dharamsala, India. It is called Himalayan Explorers What social causes are most important to you? Social issues are so intricately related that it is hard not to… [ read more ]

Bert Weiss

April 28 2010

Name: Bert Weiss What is your job? Morning Radio Host, The Bert Show, Q100 What social causes are most important to you? Kids!!!!! What charity do you support – and how? My wife and I started Bert’s Big Adventure 7… [ read more ]

Leila Janah

March 29 2010

Name: Leila Janah What is your job? Trying to run Samasource without losing my mind. What social causes are most important to you? Samasource connects women, youth and refugees in the poorest parts of the world to livelihoods via the… [ read more ]

Amy Balsam

March 15 2010

Name: Amy Balsam What is your job? I am the founder and President of In 2 It Media, an event production and entertainment marketing firm that I started 12 years ago. We specialize in producing star-studded charity benefits that have… [ read more ]

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