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  • The Sexiest Russian Tattooed Girl

    The Sexiest Russian Tattooed Girl With the Winter Olympics coming to a close in Sochi, we look back, extremely fondly, on the sexiest Russian doll Ira Chernova. She was our Inked Girl for our 2012 Art Issue and still leaves… [ read more ]

  • My Favorite Ink: Shannon M

    MY FAVORITE INK NAME: Shannon M. OCCUPATION: Body Piercer HOMETOWN: Long Beach, NY My favorite tattoo is the scorpion girl head on my upper right arm that was done by John Sultana at Saved Tattoo in Brooklyn, NY. It’s special… [ read more ]

  • Inked Digital Dream Girl: Lady Live

    Her Photo Gallery Follows the Text What do you look for in a guy? A tall sharp male, with style and talent, who can protect his own and has a future ahead of him. How can a guy get your… [ read more ]

  • Inked Digital Dream Girl: Dutchess Lattimore

    Her Photo Gallery Follows the Text What have you been up to/working on? Right now in my life I’m working on building an empire with being apart of Black Ink Crew. I have been able to truly follow my dreams…. [ read more ]

  • Inked Digital Dream Girl: Stefani Chapman

    Her Photo Gallery Follows the Text What do you look for in a guy/what’s your type? I have always gone by the simple saying, “The way a man treats his mother is the way he will treat his woman.” Nice… [ read more ]

  • Porn Star Riley Jensen

    Even in the loose world of pornography, girls with tattoos are stigmatized; an inked adult actress is thought to be kinkier and wilder than those typical blondes who have enhanced their looks in other ways. Then there’s Riley Jensen, a… [ read more ]

  • Jessica Love

    HERE ARE SOME KEY POINTS IN JESSICA LOVE’S LIFE: on mother number three by age 10, daddy issues, Christian cult, started smoking cigarettes at 8, boarding school, mental institution, heroin, jail, David LaChapelle photo shoot, work as a dominatrix. To… [ read more ]