inked girl

Vanessa Lake

August 14 2013

American Apparel shorts, Office London heels. Vanessa Lake VANESSA LAKE IS A MAKEUP ARTIST, hairdresser, and model, when asked if it is better to dazzle someone than to be dazzling, she answered, “They are equal. I like being the one… [ read more ]

Freyja Veda

July 12 2013

Ampere bra and underwear; Uranium body chain; Bones and Feathers bracelet; stylist’s own bracelets and ring; model’s own heels, rings and headbands. Freyja Veda Cindy Crawford is recognized for her mole, Angelina Jolie has those lips, and Pam Anderson has,… [ read more ]

Megan Massacre: Mass Appeal

March 13 2013

ZANA BAYNE bra and peplum belt; URANIUM jewelry (worn throughout); stylist’s own skirt. Megan Massacre is a tattooer without borders. Thanks to her skills and the exposure she’s gotten from the television shows NY Ink and America’s Worst Tattoos, she… [ read more ]

Q&A With Roller Derby Queen, Suzy Hotrod

March 6 2013

What skates, wears red hot lipstick, and is covered in ink? Jean Schwarzwalder, aka Suzy Hotrod, is the roller derby matriarch of the up and coming sport. As a major player in her league, Gotham Girls Roller Derby, she embodies… [ read more ]


September 22 2011

Inked Girl: Leah Jung

June 16 2011

GALLERY FOLLOWS THE TEXT Oh, the illustrated life of Inked Girl Leah Jung. When we called on her for this photographic showcase, she said she’d come to us. “Please don’t visit me,” she pleaded. “Not because I don’t like visitors,… [ read more ]

Inked Girl: Rio Lund

May 4 2011

Eres bodysuit; Qupid heels; Ben-Amun bracelets.   Inked Girl: Rio Lund There’s a lot to Rio Lund you might not pick up at first glance. “I have a bunch of hobbies I like to dabble in,” she says. “Surfing, gardening,… [ read more ]

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