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Inked Girl: Laydi Marie

February 18 2011

Snooki and Laydi Marie have one thing in common. “I love pickles! I love pickles more than anyone. Just like wine tasting, I go pickle tasting,” Laydi says. “The only way into this woman’s heart is showing me a pickle—but… [ read more ]


January 21 2011

Photo Gallery Follows the Text Pornography has done a lot of good—really, it has. The art form helped you through “the talk” with your parents. Your father, stammering: “Now, son … when a man and a—” You: “Yeah, I know,… [ read more ]

Inked Girl: El Wood

January 7 2011

Photo Gallery Follows the Text El Wood (not to be confused with Elle Woods from Legally Blonde—not that you would know that anyway) is so pretty and has such great ink that after gracing our “My First Ink” column, INKED… [ read more ]

She’s Ruthless

October 22 2010

On the surface, Ruthless is as lovely as can be. When she opens the door to her condo in Huntington Beach, CA, she’s all smiles and laughter in her skintight pants, despite the fact that there’s a menagerie of cats… [ read more ]

Inked Girl: Ira Chernova

October 7 2010

Stepping in front of the lens as this month’s Inked girl is ira Chernova, who’s normally on the other end of the shutter. “People usually think I’m a model and are always surprised to find out I’m a photographer,” she… [ read more ]

Inked Girl: Radeo

June 28 2010

Stella McCartney jacket.   Inked Girl: Radeo Twenty-one-year-old Radeo is petrified of needles—somewhat surprising, considering her plethora of tattoos. But really it just solidifies that she is “the biggest oxymoron on the planet.” As a model coordinator for, Radeo… [ read more ]

Inked Girl: Micheline Pitt

February 19 2010

The words warm and fuzzy might not come to mind when you look at these photos of Micheline Pitt, but the Los Angeles–based beauty insists she’s a pajama-wearing, pasta-eating nerd when left to her own devices. “I totally geek out… [ read more ]

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