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We Never Forget

September 9 2014

Note: This article originally ran in our September 2011 issue. Firefighter Joe Scarda was still a teacher on September 10, when he took his medical test for the fire academy. Though he wasn’t yet a firefighter, he was about to… [ read more ]

SuicideGirls Aussie Tour Diary

May 22 2014

Intimate snapshots from the Blackheart Burlesque tour by the SG founder. This spring the SuicideGirls: Blackheart Burlesque Tour went Down Under, crisscrossing the continent playing 7 major cities in 14 days. The girls shook the crowds with our tributes to… [ read more ]

HotShots: Bilacous

November 19 2013

While we love, love, love tattooed women, often there is a star on the other side of the camera. Meet Bilacous an amazing shooter from Portsmouth, England. We pick his brain in the interview below and show his amazing eye in… [ read more ]

Inked Digital Dream Girl: Dutchess Lattimore

October 31 2013

Her Photo Gallery Follows the Text What have you been up to/working on? Right now in my life I’m working on building an empire with being apart of Black Ink Crew. I have been able to truly follow my dreams…. [ read more ]

My Favorite Ink: Michelle Mae Tin

October 25 2013

NAME:  Michelle Mae Tin OCCUPATION:  Bartender and SuicideGirl (Ayumi Suicide) HOMETOWN:  Chicago, IL “I wanted a cherry blossom tree before I could even get tattoos. A lot of people get them, but I’ve never seen it done on a leg… [ read more ]

Lord’s Eye, Part 2

October 25 2013

BUFFALO AND KATRINA SHOWED UP TO GRACELAND early. Tattoo artist Josh Lord was late, but when he got there it became clear that this was not a process that was going to be rushed. He had a way about him… [ read more ]

Inked Digital Dream Girl: Stefani Chapman

October 24 2013

Her Photo Gallery Follows the Text What do you look for in a guy/what’s your type? I have always gone by the simple saying, “The way a man treats his mother is the way he will treat his woman.” Nice… [ read more ]

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