Issue 49

Steven “Kay Kutta” Givens: Who Will Be The Inked Master?

October 3 2012

Steven “Kay Kutta” Givens Kutthouse Tattoos Fayetteville, NC 3 years experience With india ink and a sewing needle wrapped in thread, a 12-year-old Givens gave himself his first tattoo. To say that he’s come a long way is an understatement…. [ read more ]

Steven Tefft: Who Will Be The Ink Master?

October 3 2012

Steven Tefft 12 Tattoos Groton, CT 17 years experience Tefft has a shot at the finals if he doesn’t get out of hand between tattoos. The “party boy” in designer shirts will have to get used to the grind of… [ read more ]

Jamie Davies: Who Will Be the Next Inked Master?

October 2 2012

Jamie Davies Tattooz Ink Redding, CA 17 years experience Davies is an oddity in that he’s a veteran tattooer with only one piece of ink on his skin. As a self-described obsessive-compulsive workaholic, he says that he’s too busy focusing… [ read more ]

Amandalynn & Lady Mags

October 2 2012

I’m watching paint dry—actually bake in the sun—and I haven’t been this awestruck by an edifice in New York City since I first saw the American Radiator Building. A few weeks ago Amandalynn and Lady Mags promised to paint an… [ read more ]

Sebastian Murphy: Who Will Be The Ink Master?

October 1 2012

Sebastian Murphy Wholeshot Tattoo Berkley, MI 15 years experience Murphy came to tattooing through his work as an airbrush artist when he was a teenager. While glimpses of his past can been seen in his tattoos, he mainly works in… [ read more ]

Little Mike: Who Will Be The Ink Master?

September 28 2012

Little Mike Addicted to Ink White Plains, NY 14 years experience Little Mike makes up for his diminutive status with a large, funny, and sarcastic character (his friends affectionately refer to him as BLB: Belligerent Little Bastard). Similarly, his designs… [ read more ]

Cee Jay “Inky” Jones: Who Will Be The Inked Master?

September 27 2012

Cee Jay “Inky” Jones Krave | Detroit, MI 15 years experience The dreaded cover-up tattoo doesn’t make Jones nervous; rather, she shines in correcting scratchers’ mistakes. Her tattoos are often bright, colorful, and pinuppy. The badass mom has a… [ read more ]

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