Issue 51

Olivia Black

November 28 2012

She’s the best thing to have walked into the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop since the 2001 Super Bowl ring. Not many girls would have the guts to answer a vague Craigslist job listing for a pawnshop employee,… [ read more ]

Alejandro Ingelmo

November 28 2012

When Alejandro Ingelmo walks into his Soho studio wearing jeans and a semitransparent white T-shirt—offering a view of the ink covering his chest, arm, and back—he looks more like a musician who rocks fashion-forward sneakers than a fourth-generation cobbler who… [ read more ]

Guy Aitchison and Michele Wortman

November 27 2012

At Hyperspace Studios, a private atelier in southern Illinois, Guy Aitchison and Michele Wortman receive collectors from around the world who want to be tattooed by two of the industry’s pioneers of contemporary tattoo styles. After more than two decades… [ read more ]

Q&A: Mac Miller

November 21 2012

The hottest rapper on the block talks about collaborating with his heroes on rhymes and with legendary tattoo artists on designs. Not many artists can say they’ve had a number one album, let alone a number one debut album, without… [ read more ]

EXCLUSIVE: Kat+Mau5 (Kat Von D + Deadmau5)

November 13 2012

On Kat: FALGUNI & SHANE Peacock Dress; THE GREAT FROG Rings; M. COHEN Bracelet; BLOODMILK Necklace. On Joel: BROKEN GALLERY T-shirt; KILL CITY Jeans; VANS Sneakers. There’s a new power couple in the inked community: tattoo artist Kat Von D… [ read more ]

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