Issue 52

Porn Star Emma Mae

October 9 2013

PHOTOS FOLLOW THE ARTICLE IN ADULT VIDEOS, EMMA MAE IS STRIKINGLY BLOND AND TATTOOED, with few inhibitions and plenty of colorful, artful ink that pops off the screen. But at our New York City cover shoot, the enchanting star who… [ read more ]

Profile: Liz Cook

February 12 2013

LIZ COOK INKED MAG: What tattoo artists have influenced your style the most? LIZ COOK: Johnny Head, Guy Aitchison, Dean Cook, Tom Renshaw, Nikko, DeVries, Roman … all of these artists really represent the next level of tattooing, and… [ read more ]

Sex Lives of Inked People: Hunter Moore

February 9 2013

HUNTER MOORE: SALACIOUS WEBSITE OWNER If you didn’t see when it was up, it was a user-generated website where people would post content like groupies’ reviews of musicians that they fucked or nude pics in revenge of someone who… [ read more ]

Sex Lives of Inked People: Zak Sabbath and Mandy Morbid

February 8 2013

ZAK SABBATH AND MANDY MORBID: PORN STARS IN A RELATIONSHIP If you’re one of those people who can manage not to act like an idiot just because everyone around you is, porn’s a pretty good job. Hot girls have sex… [ read more ]

Sex Lives of Inked People: Nocturnia

February 7 2013

NOCTURNIA: DOMINATRIX I worked on the business side of the music industry for some years and engaged in BDSM in my personal life with my partner. Being a professional dominatrix wasn’t in my crosshairs. It happened for a short time… [ read more ]

Sex Lives of Inked People: Nick Hawk

February 7 2013

NICK HAWK: GIGOLO After four years in the Air Force I became a stripper to pay the bills, finish up college, and start my own company. Then an escort or gigolo was something that definitely sounded interesting. I really see… [ read more ]

Sex Lives of Inked People: Travis Hatfield

February 6 2013

TRAVIS HATFIELD: CONTESTANT, OXYGEN’S LOVE GAMES: BAD GIRLS NEED LOVE TOO Dating on TV is an unreal experience. The cameras didn’t matter after a while. I was just myself, totally forgot they were there to film. I can honestly say… [ read more ]

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