Issue 52

Sex Lives of Inked People: Melissa Petro

February 5 2013

MELISSA PETRO: SEX WORKER I became a sex worker at 19 years old while living as a student abroad in Mexico. I started working as a stripper in a club called La Trampa—translated, “the tramp” or “the trap or snare.”… [ read more ]

Crawling In My Skin: Chester Bennington

February 4 2013

“What’s that shit on your fucking arm?” Chester Bennington’s dad was pissed. His son had made a promise to wait until at least his 18th birthday before getting a tattoo—and here it was, not long after that day, that the… [ read more ]

Richard Stell

January 30 2013

“I like following the rules—not in most outlets in life—but when it comes to tattoos I do.” — RICHARD STELL Stell’s Shop: Pair-O-Dice 2921 S. Harvard Ave. Tulsa, Oklahoma When I started out we had never heard the term… [ read more ]

Coheed and Cambria

January 25 2013

Drawing from frontman Claudio Sanchez’s sci-fi comic book series, the COHEED AND CAMBRIA jams planet rock. With popular interest growing in the book-to-series fantasy genre (Game of Thrones, American Gods, Twilight), music has been no slouch. New York–based rock outfit… [ read more ]

Q+A: Louie Vito (Freestyle Olympic Snowboarder)

January 16 2013

The fresh-faced king of the mountain is newly tattooed and gearing up for another great season. Louie Vito has been one with the snow almost since birth. By age 3, this freestyle Olympic snowboarder was happily swooshing down the slopes… [ read more ]

Sketchbook: Jes Irwin

January 15 2013

Smoking Tattoos 18 St. Mark’s Place New York, NY “As a child I was obsessed with my best friend’s grandfather because he was the only person I knew who had tattoos,” Jes Irwin says. “I eventually began playing tattoo… [ read more ]

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