Issue 53

Q+A: Pete Wentz

February 19 2013

Q+A: Pete Wentz The new host of Oxygen’s Best Ink rocks tattoos. Usually when a young, hot band blasts onto the scene, it’s the frontman who gets the spotlight, but Fall Out Boy was a little different. It was bassist… [ read more ]

Josh Madden

February 19 2013

“I like styling people because I almost always see them differently than they see themselves.” — Josh Madden Josh Madden works in so many outlets that it would be difficult to fit all his roles on a business card: DJ,… [ read more ]


February 14 2013

Ink Master Winner (Season 2): Steve Tefft Visit: How did your journey to become the Ink Master begin? Sort of in the wrong way. When I was a kid I would draw tattoos, and I saw in the back… [ read more ]

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