Issue 55

Best Tattoos In Movies-PT2

April 26 2013

DUDE, WHERE’S MY CAR? Jesse: “Dude! You got a tattoo!” Chester: “So do you, dude! Dude, what does my tattoo say?” Jesse: “Sweet! What about mine?” Chester: “Dude! What does mine say?” EASTERN PROMISES “In Russian prisons, your life story… [ read more ]

The Best Tattoos In The Movies EVER (Pt1)

April 25 2013

ALPHA DOG Directors will stop at nothing to put a shirtless Justin Timberlake on the big screen, including adding a black-and-gray back piece and gangster numbering to his character’s chest. AMERICAN HISTORY X Few wardrobe choices are as impactful as… [ read more ]

Shanghai Kate Hellenbrand

April 17 2013

Good girls go to heaven; good tattooers go everywhere. Shanghai Kate’s Tattoos 4405 Guadalupe Street Austin, TX 78751 Phone: 512-551-3573 FOR AS LONG AS SHE CAN REMEMBER, Shanghai Kate Hellenbrand has been inquisitive about the world around her. Any… [ read more ]

The Honorable Society Tattoo Parlour and Lounge

April 15 2013

Top row, from left: Josh Schneider, Francis Palumbo, Marco Cerretelli, Roger “Rabb!t” Rodriguez, Monty Mavimol. Bottom row, from left: Richard Baki, Eric Alvino, Kyle McLean, Arlene Darling Miranda, Adam Parrot, Rev. Jorell. THE HONORABLE SOCIETY 8424 West Santa Monica Blvd…. [ read more ]

Toshikazu Nozaka

April 11 2013

TOSHIKAZU NOZAKA Visit: When did you get into tattooing? I went out to L.A. when I was 17. It had always been my dream to check out the U.S. skate scene. But it was a lot different than I… [ read more ]

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