Issue 56

Teenage Bottlerocket

June 7 2013

Teenage Bottlerocket Is Laramie, WY, the new home of modern punk-pop? Wyoming, the Cowboy State, is known for many things: beautiful countryside, Dick Cheney, buffalo, Old Faithful, and punk rock (cue sound of a record screeching to a halt). Yep,… [ read more ]

Q+A: Theo Kogan

June 3 2013

Q+A: Theo Kogan The Lunachicks rock goddess is back in black, and red, and orange, and purple. If you ask around the INKED offices, a handful of the women on our staff will tell you the reason that they first… [ read more ]

S.T. Tattoo Studio

May 29 2013

S.T. Tattoo Studio 12601 Venice Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 310-390-6722 S.T. Tattoo Studio in west Los Angeles was founded in order to celebrate the fusion of punk rock and tattoos, two things that go together like coffee and cigarettes…. [ read more ]

Kobay Kronik

May 28 2013

KOBAY KRONIK VISIT: Why do you tattoo rather than leave an indelible mark on, say, regular canvas? My works must walk out in the streets. They are alive; they are touched and kissed by people; they help people and… [ read more ]

Spider Webb

May 28 2013

“Now it’s all about everyone waving their fucking dick in the air, ‘Look what I did!’ Everyone is showing off. I think that comes from fear. They crave other people’s approval.” — Spider Webb SPIDER WEBB The tattooer who looks… [ read more ]

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