Kat Von D

  • Song Bird: Cher Lloyd

    The sultry British songstress Cher Lloyd is working on a new sound that’s more in keeping with her gritty black-and-gray tattoos. Forget everything you think you know about Cher Lloyd. Yes, this British bombshell got her big break on the… [ read more ]

  • Q+A: The Game

    T-Shirt: The T-Shirt Whore Inked Magazine: The new single “Celebration” is a really upbeat, chill party song for you. Is there more of that on Jesus Piece? Game: Nope. Celebration is the last track on the album. Its sorta like… [ read more ]

  • EXCLUSIVE: Kat+Mau5 (Kat Von D + Deadmau5)

    On Kat: FALGUNI & SHANE Peacock Dress; THE GREAT FROG Rings; M. COHEN Bracelet; BLOODMILK Necklace. On Joel: BROKEN GALLERY T-shirt; KILL CITY Jeans; VANS Sneakers. There’s a new power couple in the inked community: tattoo artist Kat Von D… [ read more ]

  • Malice In Wonderland

    If clients at High Voltage Tattoo in Los Angeles want to go down the rabbit hole into Kat Von D’s weird, wonderful world, all they need to do is head next door to Wonderland. The gallery-slash-boutique is full of fine… [ read more ]

  • The Inked 2011 Sex Survey

  • The Dear & Departed

    Dan Smith is living two dreams at once. When he’s not fronting the New Wave–inspired rock act The Dear & Departed, he’s busy at his other gig as a tattooer at High Voltage Tattoo in Los Angeles—a job that’s immortalized… [ read more ]

  • Q & A With Ville Valo

    When HIM frontman Ville Valo asked LA Ink’s Kat Von D to tattoo three hedonistic writers on his right forearm—American author Charles Bukowski, French poet Charles Baudelaire, and Finnish novelist Timo K. Mukka—the characters were supposed to represent role models… [ read more ]