L.A. Ink

Tara Levitin

January 29 2010

Old keys and tiny faucet handles. A pocketknife and a wolf tooth. Where others see antique oddities, Tara Levitin sees jewelry. The rising star designer behind Leviticus Jewelry finds inspiration in anything from a book of watercolors to music for… [ read more ]

I Am Not Kat Von D

January 21 2010

I Am Not Kat Von D Outside the gunmetal gray door of a nondescript North Hollywood building lies a colorful doormat and a kitschy frog statue, the kind you’d find on the front porch of a house in the suburbs…. [ read more ]

Kim Saigh

September 1 2009

INKED: You just received word that you and Hannah Aitchison will not be returning to LA Ink. What happened? KIM SAIGH: The producers decided they’d replace us because we didn’t fit the profile of the characters they were looking for—which… [ read more ]

Q & A With Charlie Corwin From Miami Ink and L.A. Ink

August 20 2009

You may not recognize Charlie Corwin’s face, but if you know that gal next to him you’re definitely familiar with his work. Corwin is the brains behind TLC’s Ink franchise, including both Miami Ink and LA Ink. Whether that makes… [ read more ]

Amanda Beard

August 7 2009

Amanda Beard has swam in the Olympics four times, dissed Michael Phelps, and been tattooed on LA Ink. Now back from Beijing, she’s ready to dive in to life outside of the pool. By Jennifer Goldstein Michael Phelps is boring…. [ read more ]

Wild Things

June 9 2008

Denise Richards returns with a new television show and a new tattoo, courtesy of Kat Von D. Here’s what happens when two reality TV queens collide. When something sureal goes down in Hollywood, it ’s safe to assume reality TV… [ read more ]

Cast of LA INK

January 30 2008

The Learning Channel’s reality show L.A. Ink is a phenomenon. It’s come on the scene and pummeled the ratings of every tattoo television show that came before, and its star, Kat Von D, is the hottest thing in heels right… [ read more ]

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