Los Angeles

Bombs Away – Saber

August 19 2009

There isn’t a hell of a lot separating the realms of tattooing and graffiti. Both methods of expression have traditionally been shrouded in secrecy, with an unavoidable stigma of taboo from the general public. And as good as you might… [ read more ]

Hail To The King

August 13 2009

Jaime King regrets her tattoos only in the middle of the night. “There have been times where I had to get up at 3 o’clock in the morning because I had to be on set two hours extra so they… [ read more ]

Mr. Cartoon

August 11 2009

NKED: Where were you born? CARTOON: I was born in downtown L.A., but I grew up in the harbor area down by the docks. I’m grateful because not many people who grow up there get into this business. If you… [ read more ]

Intelligent Design

August 7 2009

Tattoos and couture collide in the work of these fashion designers. Some are upand- coming and some have already come up, but they all stay true to their art with designs that are irreverent, witty, and anything but ordinary. Matt… [ read more ]

Lucky 13

August 5 2009

What makes the following 13 cities so charmed? They’re all home to drinking holes that get the Inked stamp of approval. Here, 39 spots where we’ll throw one (or more) back—in no particular order, because we don’t like ranking things…. [ read more ]

Todd Burnes and Olivia Miner

February 27 2008

As different industries continue to embrace tattoos, the importance of pre serving the integrity of the culture has never been more important. That’s where Todd Burnes and Olivia Miner, of Canvas Los Angeles, come in. Originally conceived as a modest… [ read more ]

Zulu Tattoo

January 8 2008

Zulu Tattoo & Eclectic 165 S CRESCENT HTS BLVD LOS ANGELES, CA 90048-3521 323-782-9977 Established: 1992 Artists: Zulu, Lantz, Afa, Misha, and Sameerah Spirituality rules at this famed establishment, whose client list includes Montel Williams and Dennis Rodman. “Western tattooing,… [ read more ]

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