Los Angeles

Spotlight Tattoos

January 8 2008

Bob Roberts Spotlight Tattoo 5859 MELROSE AVE LOS ANGELES, CA 90038-3717 323-871-1084 http://www.eatsurfsleepshit.com Established: 1973 Artists: Bob Roberts, Charlie Roberts, Baby Ray, Juan Puente, Marco Cerretelli The difference between Spotlight and a lot of the other shops out there is… [ read more ]

Zulu Tattoo

January 8 2008

Zulu Tattoo & Eclectic 165 S CRESCENT HTS BLVD LOS ANGELES, CA 90048-3521 323-782-9977 Established: 1992 Artists: Zulu, Lantz, Afa, Misha, and Sameerah Spirituality rules at this famed establishment, whose client list includes Montel Williams and Dennis Rodman. “Western tattooing,… [ read more ]

Purple Panther Tattoo

January 8 2008

Purple Panther Design Inc 7560 W SUNSET BLVD LOS ANGELES, CA 90046-3413 323-882-8165 http://www.purplepanthertattoos.com/ Established: 1991 Artists: Jessen, Emily Unsworth, Graham Chaffee, and Ace Farren Ford You won’t find any heavy metal music blaring or stereotypical “tough guys” (read: assholes)… [ read more ]

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