Q & A With Steve-O

May 6 2010

Long before Stephen Glover, a.k.a. Steve-O, made a name for himself swimming with sharks on MTV’s Wildboyz and having his butt cheeks stapled together on Jackass, he was a regular in the pages of the legendary Big Brother skateboarding magazine…. [ read more ]

Homeward Bound

April 8 2010

t just 26, singer-musician Michelle Branch has had a career with as many chapters and incarnations as someone twice her age. Her major label debut, The Spirit Room, came out in 2001 and featured the massive hit “Everywhere,” which can… [ read more ]


March 22 2010

Since passing away in 2003, Johnny Cash has become the 2Pac of country music, pumping out posthumous albums from his now legendary sessions with Rick Rubin. If American VI: Ain’t No Grave is the final installment, it’s a fitting way… [ read more ]

Q & A With Snoop Dogg

March 12 2010

The Big Apple boroughs of Queens and the Bronx may forever feud over who first sowed the seeds of hip-hop music, but the paternal roots of the movement’s most infamous subgenre are clear and undisputed: L.A. is the biological father… [ read more ]


January 25 2010

If My Dinosaur Life has a theme it’s about a breakup and whether Motion City Soundtrack singer Justin Pierre really wants to care about it. On opener “Worker Bee”—a blast of Blink-182 riffs (whose Mark Hoppus produced this album)—he sings,… [ read more ]


January 25 2010

Most people know OK Go more for the choreographed treadmill work of their YouTube sensation video than their actual music. For the uninitiated: The L.A.-via-Chicago band build wild disco-jam pop songs that sound as if The Strokes were crammed through… [ read more ]

Flame Still Burns

January 8 2010

“I was surprised to realize that it’s fall. It’s fall, right? Mid-September is fall, right?” AFI frontman Davey Havok asks. It’s true we’re in L.A., where the only way to know summer has ended is by post-awards shows chatter and… [ read more ]

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