No Sleep Records: Chris Hansen

August 29 2012

Chris Hansen may not be able to play an instrument but he has taken his love of music and turned it into a business. Since forming No Sleep Records in late 2006 Hansen has signed Balance and Composure, All or… [ read more ]

Drummer Gil Sharone of Stolen Babies

August 22 2012

The fall season will officially be known as “The Autumn of Stolen Babies.” In September, the California-based theatrical metal rockers will be a part of the “Epic Kings & Idols Tour” in preparation for the October 16th release of their… [ read more ]

LostProphets: Q&A

August 15 2012

Who says that Welsh rock stars are so serious? The veteran rock & rollers from across the pond, LostProphets, give Inked Magazine the details on their new album, Weapons, while gracing us with their crazy stories and infectious laughter. From… [ read more ]

Electric Ladyland

August 9 2012

L.A. Roxx jacket; Insight shorts; Neivz ring; Patricia Field ring; Noir bracelets; Report Signature boots. “My arm says ‘Pema,’ my sister’s name. When I moved to America I left her back in England and wanted to carry her on my… [ read more ]

Young L

August 8 2012

Young L isn’t afraid to take charge of his business. Actually, he prefers it. “That’s how I do everything. All my mix tapes were all pretty much produced solely by me–that’s like 3 or 4 mix tapes I’ve produced,” he… [ read more ]

Songbird: Kendra Morris

August 7 2012

New York-based singer-songwriter, Kendra Morris, is not only nice on the eyes but on the ears as well. Her unique, soulful sound is as addicting as the beautiful array of ink she has decorated her skin with. In five questions,… [ read more ]

Pam Tonazzi

August 2 2012

Remember the days when tattoos were taboo in the workplace? If a person was covered in body art, the only assumption was that he/she was bad business. Well, times have changed as well as viewpoints and regardless of ink, business… [ read more ]