Sex Panther

January 23 2012

If you want to do the ’80s time warp again, get yourself down to the House of Blues in Los Angeles on a Monday or catch Steel Panther on the road. Vocalist Michael Starr, axe master Satchel, bassist Lexxi Foxxx,… [ read more ]

What We Have Become

October 27 2011

From left: Teppei Teranishi, Eddie Breckenridge, Riley Breckenridge, Dustin Kensrue. Thrice isn’t the type of band that cultivates drama. Since forming in southern California in 1998, they haven’t had any member changes, nor have they been spotted on TMZ sucking… [ read more ]

Q & A With Dave Navarro

October 13 2011

Jane’s Addiction flipped the switch and New York City’s Terminal 5 is electric. Dave Navarro is whaling away on his guitar at breakneck speed on a solo so long that Perry Farrell could take a bathroom break while he plays…. [ read more ]


October 4 2011

One of the casualties of growing old is having your friends slip away. Back in the day, unencumbered by jobs, lovers, offspring, and whatever else eventually fills up your life, you and the boys had all day to hang, skate,… [ read more ]

Who is Kreayshawn?

August 30 2011

Kreayshawn on gettin’ money: “I grew up so broke that even this morning I got up and for breakfast I got a cup of noodles, Hot Cheetos, a pack of cigarettes, and some Swishers. I will never get used to… [ read more ]

Porcelain Black

August 23 2011

A spontaneous badass with a seductive smile, Alaina Beaton is an industrial pop songwriter who goes by the name Porcelain Black. Citing her biggest musical influences as Marilyn Manson and Britney Spears, Black makes music that’s both sneeringly edgy and… [ read more ]

You don’t know me from Adam.

July 27 2011

I got my first tattoo in 1977 when a fellow second-grader accidentally stabbed me in the triceps with her pencil. It would be another 12 years before I would purposely mark my skin, yet that small but distinct pencil mole… [ read more ]

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