New York

Inked Holiday Bash

January 6 2010

Inked Magazine hosted the Inked for A Cause Holiday Bash on December 14th in downtown New York. Hosted by Evan Seinfeld — Killcode and Natasha Komis rocked the stage, while girls from PoleSuperstar worked the poles. Around 100 toys were… [ read more ]

Past Perfect

December 14 2009

Photo by Warwick Saint Photo by Christopher Love Photo by Warwick Saint Photo by Warwick Saint Photo by Armen Djerrahian Photo by Gabrielle Revere Photo by Shane McCauley Photo by Michael Dwornik Photo by Warwick Saint Photo by Warwick Saint

New Friend Request: Gym Class Heroes

August 18 2009

When you’re only one inch shorter than Michael Jordan and nearly covered in tattoos and piercings, it’s difficult not to be an intimidating figure, but right now Gym Class Heroes’ frontman Travis McCoy looks even more imposing than usual. It… [ read more ]

Paul Booth

August 13 2009

INKED: What’s the current state of your shop, Last Rites? PAUL BOOTH: November 22 being my 20-year anniversary, I feel pretty good saying that, although I feel old, I’m feeling really solid. And with my new crew, it’s exciting because… [ read more ]

Inked Girls of New York City

August 11 2009

Meghan Age: 22 Occupation: Makeup Artist Favorite Tattoo: Cherry skulls on feet by Mohawk John from Immortal Ink Tattoo (Clinton, NJ) and Three Kings Tattoo (Brooklyn, NY) Lashaunda Age: 22 Occupation: Hairstylist Favorite Tattoo: Bumblebee behind ear by Vinny from… [ read more ]

Intelligent Design

August 7 2009

Tattoos and couture collide in the work of these fashion designers. Some are upand- coming and some have already come up, but they all stay true to their art with designs that are irreverent, witty, and anything but ordinary. Matt… [ read more ]

Inked Girls New York City

August 7 2009

Mandy, 21, Painter Have you ever passed out while being tattooed? No. I’m not a pussy. Lashaunda, 21, hair stylist How do you like your men? With tits and tattoos. Donna, 25, hair vetinary rehab technician What is your next… [ read more ]

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