• Chinatown Tattoo

    Established: 1976 Artists: Eric Eaton, Dave Steele (Snakeface), Braden KendallWalk around the streets of Philadelphia and you’ll quickly notice it’s a city that takes tattooing seri ously. “In the summer you’ll see ink all over everyone,” says Chinatown Tattoo co-owner… [ read more ]

  • Philadelphia Eddie’s Tattoo Haven

    Philadelphia Eddie’s Tattoo Haven 621 S. Fourth St. Philadelphia, PA 215-922-7384 Established: 1989 Artists: Troy Timpel, Don Juan, Furry, Bird, KarelYes, you read it correctly; this shop is also called Philadelphia Eddie’s. “This was the first shop that Eddie… [ read more ]

  • Philly Ink

    Philly Ink 3216 Kensington Ave. Philadelphia, PA 215-426-9977 Established: 1980 Artists: Danny Emery, Danny Emery Jr. Piercer: Jaime Boehm Philly Ink may be off the beaten path, but it’s well worth the trip into the Port Richmond section of… [ read more ]

  • Philadelphia Eddie’s

    Philadelphia Eddie’s 605-607 S. Fourth St. Philadelphia, PA 215-829-9833 Established: 1999 Artists: Jerry “Reds” Donohoe, Tom Napp, Jason Stewart, Topper, Frank Murphy, Charlie EastwoodFor those who appreciate a walk down memory lane, there’s only one shop in town to visit:… [ read more ]


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