Reality Show

  • Love Hate Tattoo

    From left: Dylan Tate, Zane DiProjetto, Ben Wight, Jet, Adrien Moses Clark. Love Hate Tattoo 217 1/2 Alexander St. Rochester, NY 585-262-6440 Hearing the words Love Hate Tattoo may bring to mind the reality show Miami Ink. But rest… [ read more ]

  • Q+A: Joe Rogan

    Joe Rogan Questions Everything is now airing on Syfy, and we have a few queries of our own for the polymath. You probably know Joe Rogan from one or two of his many roles—host of Fear Factor, UFC commentator and… [ read more ]

  • Q+A: Bob Harper

    The Biggest Loser trainer discusses his ever-expanding collection of tattoos, what it’s like working with the First Lady, and who—or what—is to blame for the obesity epidemic. While his clients shed pounds, Bob Harper gained tattoos. The fitness guru is… [ read more ]

  • Barter Queen (Kendall-Leigh Neuner)

    LOST ART vest; LEE + LANI bikini bottoms; DANIELLE NICOLE HILLS ring. On A&E’s Barter Kings, Kendall-Leigh Neuner displays the tattoo art of the deal. Barter Kings has something going for it that the other buy-and-sell reality shows lack. If… [ read more ]

  • Q+A: Paul Teutul Sr.

    As American Chopper ceases filming, we ask the Orange County Chopper patriarch what’s next—hopefully it’s not a size 12 up our ass. “Come over here and stand in front of me so I can hit you in the back of… [ read more ]

  • Q+A: Pete Wentz

    Q+A: Pete Wentz The new host of Oxygen’s Best Ink rocks tattoos. Usually when a young, hot band blasts onto the scene, it’s the frontman who gets the spotlight, but Fall Out Boy was a little different. It was bassist… [ read more ]

  • INK MASTER WINNER: Steve Tefft

    Ink Master Winner (Season 2): Steve Tefft Visit: How did your journey to become the Ink Master begin? Sort of in the wrong way. When I was a kid I would draw tattoos, and I saw in the back… [ read more ]