Reality Show

Ludo Lefebvre

July 19 2011

You wouldn’t expect the occasional burn to faze a chef as seasoned as Ludo Lefebvre. He’s the Frenchman behind Los Angeles pop-up restaurant LudoBites whom reality television fans grew to love (or loved to hate) on Bravo’s Top Chef: Masters…. [ read more ]

Welcome to NY Ink

June 2 2011

it’s a warm April afternoon in SoHo and some gnarly guys are huffing cigarettes on the steps of the not-yet-open-to-the-public Wooster Street Social Club, while the fashionable types—from the tony to the post-hipstery—shuffle between art galleries and flagship stores. One… [ read more ]

Brian Mazza

May 5 2011

You may recognize Brian Mazza if you watched socialite Tinsley Mortimer’s short-lived reality show, High Society, where he met her during a not-so-­successful blind date. Shortly after, the two reconnected and they’ve now been a solid couple for a year…. [ read more ]

Malice In Wonderland

April 19 2011

If clients at High Voltage Tattoo in Los Angeles want to go down the rabbit hole into Kat Von D’s weird, wonderful world, all they need to do is head next door to Wonderland. The gallery-slash-boutique is full of fine… [ read more ]

Tre Wilcox

January 26 2011

A person’s first job is never supposed to become their career—if that were the case, the number one profession in America would be grocery bagger. So when a 16-year-old Tre Wilcox took his work permit to a kitchen, he certainly… [ read more ]

Michael Voltaggio

November 3 2010

Working in a hotel or restaurant basically breaks down like this: There’s the front room staff of fawning maître d’s, suave managers, and polished hostesses, and there’s the back room staff, including the (more often than not) tattooed guys and… [ read more ]

She’s Ruthless

October 22 2010

On the surface, Ruthless is as lovely as can be. When she opens the door to her condo in Huntington Beach, CA, she’s all smiles and laughter in her skintight pants, despite the fact that there’s a menagerie of cats… [ read more ]

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