Trans Am

May 17 2010

Trans Am have always had a relatively esoteric identity, so it’s hard to know if the band are being sincere when they claim that Thing was originally commissioned as a “sci-fi horror adaptation of Romeo and Juliet.” Regardless of its… [ read more ]

Walter Schreifels

May 17 2010

Walter Schreifels is probably best known as a member of acts such as Gorilla Biscuits, Quicksand, and Rival Schools, but his first release under his own name shows that when the distortion is stripped away, Schreifels truly shines. An Open… [ read more ]


May 10 2010

Jón “Jónsi” Þór Birgisson gained fame as the frontman for Icelandic post-rock act Sigur Rós, but his solo release sees him transposing his gift for orchestral explosions into a pop-friendly context (mostly because he’s singing in English). Jónsi’s voice is… [ read more ]

Foxy Shazam

May 10 2010

In an increasingly homogenized musical landscape, acts like Foxy Shazam are a rarity, which is what makes the band’s major-label debut, Foxy Shazam, all that more impressive. Combining elements of glam rock, classic rock, and soul, this 15-song collection effortlessly… [ read more ]

Roky Erickson

May 3 2010

Roky Erickson is an American treasure, and his first album in 14 years is a not-so-subtle reminder that his relevance hasn’t waned. Produced by Will Sheff and featuring his band, Okkervil River, True Love Cast Out All Evil is a… [ read more ]

Avi Buffalo

May 3 2010

With the Shins seemingly out of commission, it was only a matter of time before someone came to reclaim the band’s indie pop crown. And who better than Avi Buffalo? Featuring plenty of soaring harmonies and tasteful guitar flourishes, Avi… [ read more ]

MLB 10: The Show

April 8 2010

Can you rattle off the lineup of the 1951 New York Yankees at a moment’s notice? If so, MLB 10: The Show is your game. The deepest baseball simulation in the majors returns with its signature game play, plus a… [ read more ]

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