March 22 2010

Dr. Dog have always prided themselves on their lo-fi aesthetic, so it’s slightly odd that they worked with producer Rob Schnapf (Elliott Smith, The Vines) on their latest. Thankfully, the improved production enhances the band’s sound on harmony-rich songs like… [ read more ]

Xiu Xiu

March 15 2010

As you can tell by the title, the latest effort from experimental indie rock act Xiu Xiu isn’t going be 2010’s most uplifting album, but it may be one of the most sonically satisfying. Produced by Deerhoof’s Greg Saunier, Dear… [ read more ]

Titus Andronicus

March 15 2010

When you’re named after a Shakespeare play and you have a song that’s named after a Civil War–era naval battle (“The Battle Of Hampton Roads”), chances are someone in your band went to grad school. However, instead of being plodding… [ read more ]

Dante’s Inferno

March 8 2010

Talk about a loose adaptation. In the classic poem The Divine Comedy, a timid poet reluctantly journeys through the nine circles of hell, while the video game version features Dante, a revenge-driven mercenary more interested in killing monsters than chronicling… [ read more ]

Past Lives

March 2 2010

Past Lives may feature three members of the defunct act the Blood Brothers, but if you’re expecting fractured post-screamo you’re in for a surprise. On the band’s debut full-length, Tapestry of Webs, the four-piece transpose their sound into a more… [ read more ]

Ted Leo And The Pharmacists

March 2 2010

Ted Leo may be the hardest-working man in punk. Although his sixth full-length with the Pharmacists may not have any songs as infectious as “Me and Mia,” from his incendiary 2004 effort Shake the Sheets, it is probably his most… [ read more ]

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

February 25 2010

With rampant cheating, broken leader boards, and poorly balanced weapons, the rough launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer mode sent some virtual soldiers AWOL. Bad Company 2 gives those mercenaries a new home. Melding its signature destructible… [ read more ]