February 2 2010

We’re counting on the writer who coined grunge and emo to come up with a word for the new breed of bands like Muse, Dredg, Brand New, and Crime in Stereo that fuse everything from hardcore riffs to indie rock… [ read more ]


February 2 2010

The career of Fucked Up has been, well, fucked up. The Canadian band blew up the formula for hardcore with the album Hidden World, played stunt gigs such as performing for 12 straight hours in NYC, then released The Chemistry… [ read more ]

BioShock 2

January 27 2010

Real estate in Rapture must be at an all-time low. Ten years after Andrew Ryan’s empire of individualism was disrupted, a new figurehead has taken over the underwater city. With an ex-priest rallying deranged citizens to the new leader’s cause… [ read more ]


January 25 2010

If My Dinosaur Life has a theme it’s about a breakup and whether Motion City Soundtrack singer Justin Pierre really wants to care about it. On opener “Worker Bee”—a blast of Blink-182 riffs (whose Mark Hoppus produced this album)—he sings,… [ read more ]


January 25 2010

Most people know OK Go more for the choreographed treadmill work of their YouTube sensation video than their actual music. For the uninitiated: The L.A.-via-Chicago band build wild disco-jam pop songs that sound as if The Strokes were crammed through… [ read more ]


January 13 2010

“Infinity climax action” sure sounds dirty, and that’s just how Platinum Games describes its latest. Taking cues from Devil May Cry and an LSD binge, Bayonetta stars a scantily clad witch who wears only her long hair for clothing, shoots… [ read more ]

The Saboteur

January 6 2010

Part Sin City, part Casablanca, The Saboteur stands out from the overcrowded collection of WWII games by going black and white. After the Germans invade France, the only color left is the bold red of Nazi banners hanging over Paris…. [ read more ]

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