The Flaming Lips

November 16 2009

What a long, strange, really weird trip it’s been for the Flaming Lips. The beloved band has survived more than 20 years of musical upheaval while becoming the elder statesmen of experimental rock whose “Do You Realize??” was named the… [ read more ]

Dead To Me

November 16 2009

San Francisco punks Dead to Me drop their Clash-inspired sound and change up the buzz saw guitars for stop-start riffs that suggest they’ve been spinning a lot of Gang of Four in their rehearsal space. “Tierra del Fuego” is filled… [ read more ]


November 4 2009

Finally, a shooter that drops the half-baked sci-fi story and lets the bullets fly. The mission in Borderlands is self-explanatory: The barren world of Pandora holds untold alien treasures, and your job is to find them. Choose one of four… [ read more ]


October 28 2009

When a young band like Paramore explodes out of nowhere (Franklin, TN?) there are always repercussions. On their third album, the group’s pint-sized singer with the giant voice, Hayley Williams, outlines the trail of mistrust and broken relationships. Fame has… [ read more ]


October 26 2009

Writers hate reviewing a new Converge album. The kings of underground hardcore metal deliver so consistently that it becomes an exercise in finding new ways to say, “They still shred.” Enter Axe to Fall, the most straightforward Converge album yet…. [ read more ]

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

October 21 2009

Picking up a couple of years after Sony’s blockbuster title Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, this sequel finds Abercrombie & Fitch adventurer Nathan Drake searching for the treasures of Marco Polo’s lost fleet. When Drake recovers historical documents indicating that Polo was… [ read more ]

NHL 10

October 14 2009

With record TV ratings, raucous fistfights, and the dazzling skill of young stars Patrick Kane and Sidney Crosby, hockey is back. The NHL’s newfound success injects new life into this award-winning series. Players now scrum along the boards while fighting… [ read more ]

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