October 12 2009

Legendary MC Q-Tip can do whatever the hell he wants. After revolutionizing hip-hop with A Tribe Called Quest and paving the way for Kanye, Tip is more experimental than ever these days. On this album, delayed since 2001 and remixed… [ read more ]

Halo 3: ODST

October 7 2009

With Master Chief elsewhere in the universe, ODST follows an elite group of soldiers known as Orbital Shock Drop Troopers. As the team descends into New Mombasa amidst the heavy Covenant onslaught, they get separated, and a new recruit known… [ read more ]

Brand New

October 6 2009

The best thing about New York band Brand New is their ability to cut and paste the good parts of everything from punk to grunge and even plain ol’ rock ‘n’ roll and stitch them all together. The twangy guitar… [ read more ]

Brütal Legend

September 30 2009

Roadies spend the majority of their time hauling equipment and tuning instruments. Not Eddie Riggs. After he spills blood on his badass belt buckle in a backstage mishap, the world’s best roadie is transported to an alternate universe ripped straight… [ read more ]


September 28 2009

AFI made their transformation from hardcore kids to goth-punk pioneers look as easy as applying eyeliner. The truth is, they’ve been tweaking their formula, and Crash Love might be the closest they’ve come to perfecting it. “Beautiful Thieves” explodes into… [ read more ]

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