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Q+A: Theo Kogan

June 3 2013

Q+A: Theo Kogan The Lunachicks rock goddess is back in black, and red, and orange, and purple. If you ask around the INKED offices, a handful of the women on our staff will tell you the reason that they first… [ read more ]

Q+A: Duff McKagan

June 15 2012

In 1984, Duff McKagan, just a punk kid from Seattle, drove his old Ford to L.A. to try to escape the drug-infested Northwest scene where he had been playing drums, guitar, and a little bass in bands like the Fastbacks… [ read more ]

Hawthorne Heights: Q & A

June 8 2012

Ohio band Hawthorne Heights started rising up the charts in 2004 with a sound that has been labeled alternative rock, pop punk, and emo. Three studio albums, two major record labels, and one significant personal loss later, Hawthorne Heights is… [ read more ]

The Knux

December 1 2011

From left: Kentrell “Krispy” Lindsey and Alvin “Joey” Lindsey. Old-school rockers often gripe that hip-hop is a bland blend of boisterous beats, empty bravado, and melodies cribbed from other people’s albums. But there is one group they can appreciate: The… [ read more ]

Porcelain Black

August 23 2011

A spontaneous badass with a seductive smile, Alaina Beaton is an industrial pop songwriter who goes by the name Porcelain Black. Citing her biggest musical influences as Marilyn Manson and Britney Spears, Black makes music that’s both sneeringly edgy and… [ read more ]

The Hottest Tattooed Women of Rock

June 29 2011

Maja Ivarsson: The Sounds The queen of air kicks, a professional crowd surfer, and a natural charmer, blond bombshell Maja Ivarsson has stage presence (and tattoos) in spades. “I never work out,” says Ivarsson. “I think doing 200 shows per… [ read more ]

Inked Girl: Leah Jung

June 16 2011

GALLERY FOLLOWS THE TEXT Oh, the illustrated life of Inked Girl Leah Jung. When we called on her for this photographic showcase, she said she’d come to us. “Please don’t visit me,” she pleaded. “Not because I don’t like visitors,… [ read more ]

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