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January 19 2011

A man with slicked-back hair, a salt-and-pepper beard, knuckle tattoos, neck tattoos, and an anchor tattooed on his cheek strides into GiGi’s Antiques in Red Bank, NJ. One of the old women at the counter, perhaps GiGi herself, clutches her… [ read more ]

Dum Dum Girls

March 25 2010

If you think that punk rock and ’60s girl groups are mutually exclusive, you haven’t heard the Dum Dum Girls. The group, which was started in 2008 as a solo project by frontwoman Dee Dee, initially got together in order… [ read more ]

Three of Hearts

March 9 2010

Don’t take it personally, but Matt Skiba doesn’t care what you think about him. “I adore our fans and I want them to be happy and excited when we put out a record, but as far as putting myself out… [ read more ]

Dead Men Walking

February 18 2010

“The late ’80s were a very magical time in New York,” says Jyrki 69, the singer for Finnish gothic rock-and-rollers 69 Eyes. “There were clubs like the Limelight, the Ritz, and CBGB, and I’d see my idols like The Ramones… [ read more ]

Syd Mandelbaum

February 1 2010

Name: Syd Mandelbaum What is your job? CEO of Rock and Wrap It Up! What social causes are most important to you? Ending poverty and preserving our planet What charity do you support – and how? I support many charities,… [ read more ]

Joan Jett

October 12 2009

Name: Joan Jett What is your job? I am a musician, guitar player to be exact. What social causes are most important to you? Animal rights, environmental causes, taking care of our forests, rivers, oceans, air… to see that connection…. [ read more ]

Natalia Fabia

July 23 2009

“I have a weird thing with voyeurism,” says artist Natalia Fabia, whose paintings depict “rad, talented chicks” in private, doing things like hugging a stuffed bunny or eating an ice-cream cone, often while wearing little more than their undies. Fabia’s… [ read more ]

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