San Francisco

  • Seventh Son Tattoo

    Seventh Son 1017 Howard Street San Francisco, CA 415-551-7766 Established: 2006 Artists: Erik Rieth, Jason Kundell, Luke Stewart, Orley Locquio, Joey Armstrong, and George Campise. Seventh Son might be the best amalgamation of all San Francisco‚Äôs tattoo scene has… [ read more ]

  • Tattoo City

    Tattoo City 700 LOMBARD ST SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94133-2317 415-345-9437 Established: 1991 Artists: Ed Hardy, Kahlil Rintye, Mary Joy, Clifton Carter, and Fip Buchanan. Co-owned and operated by venerable artists Ed Hardy and Fip Buchanan, Tattoo City, in the… [ read more ]

  • Primal Urge

    Primal Urge Studios 2703 GEARY BLVD SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94118-3405 415-474-3442 Established: 2006 Artists: Grime, Marcus Pacheco, Yutaro Sakai, Phil Holt, Norm; Primal Urge proprietor Grime talks fast, but his work takes time; his website,, informs visitors that the… [ read more ]

  • Diamond Club

    Diamond Club 2113 Van Ness Ave. San Francisco, CA 415-776-0539 Established: 1991 Artists: Bill and Juni Salmon, Nervio, and rotating guest artists. Run by Bill Salmon with Juni, his wife of 20 years, Diamond Club is anything but your average… [ read more ]

  • Blackheart Tattoo

    Blackheart Tattoo 177 Valencia St. San Francisco, CA 415-431-2100 Established: 2004 Artists: Scott Sylvia, Tim Lehi, Jeff Rassier, Nick Rodin, and Mike Lucena. When you ask Blackheart owner Scott Sylvia what sets his studio apart from the sea of… [ read more ]


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