Austin Brown

May 22 2012

Remember before the tabloid treatment of Michael Jackson, when he was just an Afro-sporting preteen from Gary, Indiana, who made you shake it, shake it, baby? Allow us to introduce you to a brilliant young incarnation who is making infectious… [ read more ]

Joie de Vivre

November 18 2011

Only Hearts vintage jumpsuit. While working on a project called Songs for Sailors, Quebecois singer, songwriter, and pianist Béatrice Martin went through a particularly bad breakup that ended with a guy telling her she had no future, that she couldn’t… [ read more ]

Team Christina

March 23 2011

We are at odds with pop culture. Maybe there is something in the tattoo ink permeating our blood that makes us skeptical, but it seems clear to us that most summer blockbusters, Billboard artists, and mall fashion are created to… [ read more ]

Gin Wigmore

July 30 2010

If Amy Winehouse and Adele scissored, the result would be Gin Wigmore. This Kiwi’s songs are soulful and raw but yet somehow delicate. Her music took her out of New Zealand to conquer Australia, and now she’s ready to make… [ read more ]

Daniel Merriweather

March 23 2010

Even before he’d released an album in the States, Australian singer Daniel Merriweather was selling out venues like Los Angeles’s Troubadour and having big-name acts like Samantha Ronson open for him. “I’m always kind of shocked when people know my… [ read more ]

Q & A With Ville Valo

January 28 2010

When HIM frontman Ville Valo asked LA Ink’s Kat Von D to tattoo three hedonistic writers on his right forearm—American author Charles Bukowski, French poet Charles Baudelaire, and Finnish novelist Timo K. Mukka—the characters were supposed to represent role models… [ read more ]

Maria Brink

April 25 2008

In This Moment singer Maria Brink rocks, spits, screams, and sweats. Meet the new face of metal. A couple of years after moving from Albany, New York, to Los Angeles, In This Moment frontwoman Maria Brink almost gave up on… [ read more ]

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