Clamp Down

October 28 2009

Nothing comes easy in Cuba. Because of a U.S.-imposed trade embargo of more than 50 years, locating everything from car parts to computer components is nearly impossible. Tattoo supplies are no different. Ink and needles are impossible to find. Autoclaves… [ read more ]

King Of The Road – Mike Vallely

August 25 2009

“A lot of pro skaters make a living by shooting a few photos and videos, then sitting on their couches collecting paychecks,” waxes Mike Vallely, one of skateboarding’s most influential and enduring figures. “I was never comfortable with that. I… [ read more ]

Zoo York

June 5 2009

From the outside, the offices of skateboard and clothing company Zoo York look like any other dull, gray building in midtown Manhattan. The inside is another story. Up the elevator and through a conference room decorated with skateboard decks, down… [ read more ]

Erik Ellington

January 15 2009

Pro skateboarder Erik Ellington’s first-ever tattoo was nearly a casualty of his INKED photo shoot. “I went bombing down a hill and slammed,” the 31-year-old skater recounts. “I rolled down the hill like a rag doll, scraping up my whole… [ read more ]

Jereme Rogers

June 9 2008

Pro skateboarder Jereme Rogers can reel off a list of broken bones including numerous fingers, his left foot (twice), his right foot, his hand (several times), and a cut that nearly severed the tendon in his hand. “If it would… [ read more ]

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