Clint Cummings: Who Will Be The Ink Master?

October 2 2012

Clint Cummings Sparrows Tattoo Company Dallas, TX 16 years experience When Cummings was 15, he was getting himself into trouble—so his dad bought him a tattoo machine, thinking it would give him an outlet for his restlessness. It did. He’s… [ read more ]

Jamie Davies: Who Will Be the Next Inked Master?

October 2 2012

Jamie Davies Tattooz Ink Redding, CA 17 years experience Davies is an oddity in that he’s a veteran tattooer with only one piece of ink on his skin. As a self-described obsessive-compulsive workaholic, he says that he’s too busy focusing… [ read more ]

Sebastian Murphy: Who Will Be The Ink Master?

October 1 2012

Sebastian Murphy Wholeshot Tattoo Berkley, MI 15 years experience Murphy came to tattooing through his work as an airbrush artist when he was a teenager. While glimpses of his past can been seen in his tattoos, he mainly works in… [ read more ]

Cee Jay “Inky” Jones: Who Will Be The Inked Master?

September 27 2012

Cee Jay “Inky” Jones Krave | www.artbyceejay.com Detroit, MI 15 years experience The dreaded cover-up tattoo doesn’t make Jones nervous; rather, she shines in correcting scratchers’ mistakes. Her tattoos are often bright, colorful, and pinuppy. The badass mom has a… [ read more ]

Mark Matthews: Who Will Be The Inked Master?

September 27 2012

Mark Matthews Coastal Tattoo Company San Francisco, CA 14 years experience Matthews is a self-taught artist who respects the styles of traditional Japanese and American ink. Don’t expect him to back down from competition: He’s also a professional mixed martial… [ read more ]

Sarah Miller: Who Will Be The Inked Master?

September 26 2012

Sarah Miller Wyld Chyld Tattoo Pittsburgh | wyldchyldtattoo.com Pittsburgh, PA 6 years experience Miller comes with a different outlook on tattooing. After having worked with numerous design firms on branding campaigns, she quit her thriving graphic design and illustration career… [ read more ]

“Big Daddy” Tray Benham: Who Will Be The Inked Master?

September 26 2012

“Big Daddy” Ray Benham Big Daddy’s Tattoo | bigdaddystattoo.com Brandenburg, KY 20 years experience Some tattoo artists let their work do the talking—and while Benham’s pieces speak for themselves, his silver southern tongue also interjects. Using super clean lines, smooth… [ read more ]

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