Jesse Smith: Who Will Be The Ink Master?

September 25 2012

Jesse Smith Loose Screw Tattoo | loosescrewtattoo.com Richmond, VA 15 years experience Since Smith’s resume boasts a job of drawing caricatures at Busch Gardens, there’s no doubt that if a quirky, cartoonish tattoo goes in front of the judges, it… [ read more ]

La Ron “Ron” Givens: Who Will Be The Ink Master?

September 23 2012

La Ron “Ron” Givens Dallas, Cat Tattoo 7 years experience After getting a really bad tattoo, Givens decided to give tattooing a try. He turned a negative into a positive and created a new life’s work. He is always grinning,… [ read more ]

Portfolio Of The Ink Master: Shane O’Neill

March 26 2012

Proficient at black-and-grey, photorealism, and anything else thrown his way, O’Neill was named Spike TV’s first Ink Master on the show of the same name. Marvel at the work from the new big name in tattooing and then visit him… [ read more ]

Who Is The Ink Master?

December 6 2011

Finally. After years of Project Runway, America’s Next Top Model, Top Chef, and Top Valet Parker, Spike TV has given tattoo artists their due with Ink Master, a worthy new addition to the genre of reality competition shows. And that… [ read more ]

Q & A With Dave Navarro

October 13 2011

Jane’s Addiction flipped the switch and New York City’s Terminal 5 is electric. Dave Navarro is whaling away on his guitar at breakneck speed on a solo so long that Perry Farrell could take a bathroom break while he plays…. [ read more ]

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