Vanessa Lake

August 14 2013

American Apparel shorts, Office London heels. Vanessa Lake VANESSA LAKE IS A MAKEUP ARTIST, hairdresser, and model, when asked if it is better to dazzle someone than to be dazzling, she answered, “They are equal. I like being the one… [ read more ]

Dorell Wright

December 4 2012

The only person who can cover the 76ers’ big man is his tattoo artist. The “G.H.O.S.T.” tattoo circling Dorell Wright’s left shoulder is one of his most recognizable pieces. “I know that pops out because I see that one on… [ read more ]

Seimone Augustus

November 15 2012

It’s possible that the only people who travel more than Phish fans are women’s basketball players. And if you are a 6’1” basketball player like Seimone Augustus, you pray for the legroom of the emergency exit row. Frequent flyer miles… [ read more ]

We Own The Air

September 29 2011

It’s not so much the X Games as it is our games. For a few days every summer, Los Angeles isn’t a town run by starlets fueled with Botox and cocaine, it’s where action sports stars rule the Walk of… [ read more ]

Jamie Bestwick

June 21 2011

For BMX vert rider Jamie Bestwick, an eight-time X Games gold medalist, ink runs in the family. The 39-year-old says after seeing tattoos on older members of his family, he always thought images came out better on skin than on… [ read more ]

Natasha Kai

April 28 2011

Soccer players blur together on the pitch. Forget trying to read their numbers; they are reduced to a trail of their kit’s color. Maybe this is why soccer stars of renown (at least in the American consciousness) have had distinctive… [ read more ]

Roland Sands

April 1 2011

Many guys who design motorcycles get into it during their autumn years, after a long life of hard riding. But for 36-year-old Roland Sands, it was a near-death experience that coaxed him into fabricating. “Yeah, I did something stupid,” says… [ read more ]

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