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  • Sketchbook: Jessica Mascitti

    East Side Ink 97 Avenue B New York City Graceland Brooklyn 677 Lorimer St. Brooklyn, NY Jessica Mascitti didn’t pick art; art picked her. “It wasn’t a choice,” she says. “I can’t do anything else.” About three years… [ read more ]

  • Elle King

    The introspective singer-songwriter finds her happy place in New York City, music, and tattoos. “I’m not a very girly girl,” says Elle King. “I’m sweet, but tough. I speak my mind. I tell people what I want, and I get… [ read more ]

  • Megan Massacre: Mass Appeal

    ZANA BAYNE bra and peplum belt; URANIUM jewelry (worn throughout); stylist’s own skirt. Megan Massacre is a tattooer without borders. Thanks to her skills and the exposure she’s gotten from the television shows NY Ink and America’s Worst Tattoos, she… [ read more ]

  • Q+A: Bilal

    Grammy nominated singer/songwriter, Bilal, has just released his fourth studio album, A Love Surreal. After several years of working mainly in collaborations and after a devastating album leaking, leading to the failed release of his 2006 work, Bilal is back… [ read more ]

  • Army of Two Tattooers

    The most true-to-life digital tattoos of all time come to video gaming this month with the release of Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel. Thousands of bits’ worth of tattoos have been in video games, but up until now they… [ read more ]

  • Franco Vescovi

    This isn’t a rock star job; it isn’t what it seems. There’s a lot of hard work and sweat—it takes 20 years to be a success. Don’t try to become famous.”—FRANCO VESCOVI FRANCO VESCOVI Vatican Studios 22622 Lambert Street, Suite… [ read more ]

  • Q&A With Roller Derby Queen, Suzy Hotrod

    What skates, wears red hot lipstick, and is covered in ink? Jean Schwarzwalder, aka Suzy Hotrod, is the roller derby matriarch of the up and coming sport. As a major player in her league, Gotham Girls Roller Derby, she embodies… [ read more ]