Tattoo Parlour

Richard Stell

January 30 2013

“I like following the rules—not in most outlets in life—but when it comes to tattoos I do.” — RICHARD STELL Stell’s Shop: Pair-O-Dice 2921 S. Harvard Ave. Tulsa, Oklahoma When I started out we had never heard the term… [ read more ]

Ignition Tattoo

February 25 2010

21065 Bear Valley Rd. Apple Valley, CA 760-240-1714 Artists: John Noone, Nikko Hurtado, Ronnie Sanchez, Jamie Schene, Howard Eakin.When you think of the desert, you probably think of rattlesnakes, cacti, and Hunter S. Thompson blazing toward Vegas with a trunk… [ read more ]

Freddy Corbin

November 13 2009

INKED: When did you first step into a tattoo shop? FREDDY CORBIN: I went to the shop on Broadway in Sacramento and I pretty much just walked out. It was a really funky, funky shop. I was, like, 17 or… [ read more ]

Mr. Cartoon

August 11 2009

NKED: Where were you born? CARTOON: I was born in downtown L.A., but I grew up in the harbor area down by the docks. I’m grateful because not many people who grow up there get into this business. If you… [ read more ]


August 7 2009

INKED: Where did you grow up? GRIME: Grand Junction, CO. It was a small town. There wasn’t a lot of stuff for kids to do, especially if you weren’t a jock or a redneck. We were part of a small… [ read more ]

Club Tattoo

June 10 2009

Established: 2009 Artists: Chester Bennington, Thora Dowdell, Sean DowdellBattle your way through the swirling mosh pit at one of Linkin Park’s sold- out arena shows and there’s a good chance you’ll find at least a few die- hard fans sporting… [ read more ]

City of Ink

March 20 2009

City of Ink 323 Walker Street Atlanta, GA 404-525-4465 Established: 2000 Artists: Miya Bailey, Tuki Carter, Corey Davis, Chris McAdoo, Melvin Todd, Ant, SophieWhen City of Ink cofounders Miya Bailey and Tuki Carter moved their tattoo shop Prophet Art… [ read more ]

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