Tattoo Parlour

South Pacific Tattoo Co.

April 28 2008

Established: 1995 Artists: Thomas “Wondo” Wondoloski, Colby Long, Mike Castillo You might get a little claustrophobic in the small space of South Pacific, but it’s worth it. Owner Thomas “Wondo” Wondoloski, a Hawaii resident for 15 years, has been tattooing… [ read more ]

TNT Tattoo

April 28 2008

Established: 1993 Artists: David Bentley (a.k.a. Dr. Dave), Kevin Mokuahi, Geoff Brown “We worked hard to get to where we’re at,” says tattooist Kevin Mokuahi. “It’s the quality of our work that has given us our reputation.” And it’s true…. [ read more ]

A Tiki Tattoo

April 28 2008

A Tiki Tattoo 2229 KUHIO AVE HONOLULU, HI 96815-2825 808-923-4100 Established: 2001 Artists: Robert Hackney, Josh Flinn, Matt Cox, Paulo Manabe, Richard Schwartz, Dave Coronada When owner Robert Hackney opened A Tiki Tattoo, it effortlessly blended right in with colorful… [ read more ]

Mike Ledger Tattoo

April 26 2008

Mike Ledger Inc 930 MCCULLY ST HONOLULU, HI 96826-2726 808-945-9797 Established: 2004 Artists: Mike Ledger“No one knew who I was when I moved to Hawaii,” says Mike Ledger. “I really had to work my way up from nothing again.” Originally… [ read more ]

True Blue Tattoo

March 26 2008

True Blue Tattoo 607 Red River Austin, TX 512-472-2783 Established: 1997 Artists: Jim Chiavaroli, Chip Telano, Rachel Kolar, Rebecca Hendriks, Briza Camacho, José Palacios, Jon Reed, Mike Condon, Lee B. Smack in the middle of the Red River District,… [ read more ]

Perfection Tattoo

March 26 2008

Perfection Art 4205 GUADALUPE ST AUSTIN, TX 78751-4224 512-453-2089 Established: 1978 Artists: Chris Treviño, Carlos Truan, Bob Moreau, MarniePerfection Tattoo is definitely a custom shop. Located in Central Austin, and surrounded by an eclectic residential area, Perfection was opened in… [ read more ]

Rock of Ages

March 25 2008

Rock of Ages 2310 S LAMAR BLVD AUSTIN, TX 78704-4999 512-804-1213 Established: 2005 Artists: Jason BrooksProducing high-quality, specialized work is paramount to Jason Brooks, Tony Hundahl, and Hector Fong—the three diverse artists who make up Rock of Ages in South… [ read more ]

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