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My Favorite Ink: Michelle Mae Tin

October 25 2013

NAME:  Michelle Mae Tin OCCUPATION:  Bartender and SuicideGirl (Ayumi Suicide) HOMETOWN:  Chicago, IL “I wanted a cherry blossom tree before I could even get tattoos. A lot of people get them, but I’ve never seen it done on a leg… [ read more ]

Carley Aquilino

September 3 2013

Carly Aquilino If you like beautiful girls with tattoos and a sense of humor, this comic will be your new crush. I fell asleep with the TV on, and when I stirred hours later, there was a pixie with vibrant… [ read more ]

Training Day (Massy Arias)

August 29 2013

NIKE BRA; BLACK MILK LEGGINGS; SKECHERS SNEAKERS; VALEO LIFTING BELT. Training Day (Massy Arias) “I think society has set a standard of how women should look, but I feel like we are all different and unique,” says Massy Arias, a.k.a… [ read more ]

Vanessa Lake

August 14 2013

American Apparel shorts, Office London heels. Vanessa Lake VANESSA LAKE IS A MAKEUP ARTIST, hairdresser, and model, when asked if it is better to dazzle someone than to be dazzling, she answered, “They are equal. I like being the one… [ read more ]

Mustang Girls

July 18 2013

Mustang Girls The women racing with the INKED logo in this year’s Bullrun Rally from Montreal to New Orleans moved rapide. In a very specific type of Road Trip Bingo along Eastern byways this June, it took a light blue,… [ read more ]

Freyja Veda

July 12 2013

Ampere bra and underwear; Uranium body chain; Bones and Feathers bracelet; stylist’s own bracelets and ring; model’s own heels, rings and headbands. Freyja Veda Cindy Crawford is recognized for her mole, Angelina Jolie has those lips, and Pam Anderson has,… [ read more ]

Sex Lives of Inked People: Nocturnia

February 7 2013

NOCTURNIA: DOMINATRIX I worked on the business side of the music industry for some years and engaged in BDSM in my personal life with my partner. Being a professional dominatrix wasn’t in my crosshairs. It happened for a short time… [ read more ]

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