Sketchbook: Jessica Mascitti

March 22 2013

East Side Ink 97 Avenue B New York City Graceland Brooklyn 677 Lorimer St. Brooklyn, NY Jessica Mascitti didn’t pick art; art picked her. “It wasn’t a choice,” she says. “I can’t do anything else.” About three years… [ read more ]

Megan Massacre: Mass Appeal

March 13 2013

ZANA BAYNE bra and peplum belt; URANIUM jewelry (worn throughout); stylist’s own skirt. Megan Massacre is a tattooer without borders. Thanks to her skills and the exposure she’s gotten from the television shows NY Ink and America’s Worst Tattoos, she… [ read more ]

Franco Vescovi

March 7 2013

This isn’t a rock star job; it isn’t what it seems. There’s a lot of hard work and sweat—it takes 20 years to be a success. Don’t try to become famous.”—FRANCO VESCOVI FRANCO VESCOVI Vatican Studios 22622 Lambert Street, Suite… [ read more ]

Sketchbook: Matthew Amey

March 4 2013

Matthew Amey Independent Tattoo 36666 Bluewater Run W. Unit 3 Selbyville, DE Matthew Amey brings “clean lines, solid color, and pain” to tattoos. He can also decorate more than people, having recently won Uncommon Goods’ Wall Art Challenge…. [ read more ]

Slave to the Needle Tattoo and Body Piercing

March 1 2013

From left: John Fitzgerald, Josh Schwegel, Alex Schultz, Andrea Ottlewski, Josh Wright, Aaron Bell, Melissa Bell, Honest Jon, Jonathan Gilbert, Kiwi Matt, Clark Kent. Slave to the Needle Tattoo and Body Piercing Ballard 508 NW 65th Street, Seattle, WA 206-789-2618… [ read more ]


February 14 2013

Ink Master Winner (Season 2): Steve Tefft Visit: How did your journey to become the Ink Master begin? Sort of in the wrong way. When I was a kid I would draw tattoos, and I saw in the back… [ read more ]

Profile: Liz Cook

February 12 2013

LIZ COOK INKED MAG: What tattoo artists have influenced your style the most? LIZ COOK: Johnny Head, Guy Aitchison, Dean Cook, Tom Renshaw, Nikko, DeVries, Roman … all of these artists really represent the next level of tattooing, and… [ read more ]

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