2Spirit Tattoo

February 11 2013

From left: Ben Volt, Michael Bennett, Matt Matik, Roxx. 2Spirit Tattoo 11 Pearl Street San Francisco, CA 415-701-8288 Tattoo artist Roxx is comfortable in her own skin. The owner of 2Spirit Tattoo has unabashedly loved black-work—stylized line and dot-work… [ read more ]

Richard Stell

January 30 2013

“I like following the rules—not in most outlets in life—but when it comes to tattoos I do.” — RICHARD STELL Stell’s Shop: Pair-O-Dice 2921 S. Harvard Ave. Tulsa, Oklahoma When I started out we had never heard the term… [ read more ]

Sketchbook: Jes Irwin

January 15 2013

Smoking Tattoos 18 St. Mark’s Place New York, NY “As a child I was obsessed with my best friend’s grandfather because he was the only person I knew who had tattoos,” Jes Irwin says. “I eventually began playing tattoo… [ read more ]

Sketchbook: Matt Ahn

December 18 2012

Invisible NYC, 148 Orchard St., New York, NY, 10002, Matt Ahn embraces the universal nature of art. “My art is a reflection of all the styles I study and am influenced by, translated in my own way,” he says…. [ read more ]


December 6 2012

Visit: FUZI-UVTPK.COM/EN/ INKED: You’ve graffitied in Paris for decades, but just took your first trip to the States. What was your impression of New York? FUZI UVTPK: Energetic, powerful, creative—I felt like I had met a long-lost friend. And you… [ read more ]

New York Adorned

December 4 2012

  New York Adorned 47 Second Ave. New York, NY 212-473-0007 Lori Leven is not afraid to make waves for the sake of art. Though tattooing was illegal in New York City in 1996, that didn’t stop Leven from… [ read more ]

Alex McWatt

November 12 2012 Do you consider yourself a tattooer or an artist? I call myself a professional collaborator. I help people with their ideas, and share mine through my art. What are your artistic influences? I’m really inspired by Audubon, Dürer, Yoshitoshi,… [ read more ]

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