Q & A With Jesse Metcalfe

March 9 2011

In the same way Justin Timberlake transformed from Tiger Beat staple to cool guys’ guy, Jesse Metcalfe is morphing from the stuff of a teenage girl’s dreams to badass actor. Metcalfe became a household name during his six years playing… [ read more ]

Tre Wilcox

January 26 2011

A person’s first job is never supposed to become their career—if that were the case, the number one profession in America would be grocery bagger. So when a 16-year-old Tre Wilcox took his work permit to a kitchen, he certainly… [ read more ]

Steven S. DeKnight

January 12 2011

Writer, director, and producer Steven S. DeKnight had three simple goals: shave his head, learn to ride a motorcycle, and get tattooed. He’s done all three, and while they might seem like minor ambitions compared to his immensely successful career,… [ read more ]

Q & A With Chris Pontius

December 20 2010

If you don’t immediately recognize the man to the right, that’s because he is normally wearing far less. The artful dodger of cheetahs and nut shots has made a name for himself dressing like Tarzan and male strippers on Wildboyz… [ read more ]

Michael Voltaggio

November 3 2010

Working in a hotel or restaurant basically breaks down like this: There’s the front room staff of fawning maître d’s, suave managers, and polished hostesses, and there’s the back room staff, including the (more often than not) tattooed guys and… [ read more ]

Seamus Mullen

May 11 2010

It takes serious chops to duke it out with the country’s best chefs in Iron Chef’s Kitchen Stadium, a challenge Seamus Mullen never took lightly. “It was intense, almost like hand-to-hand combat,” says Mullen, who fought his way to one… [ read more ]

Q & A With Steve-O

May 6 2010

Long before Stephen Glover, a.k.a. Steve-O, made a name for himself swimming with sharks on MTV’s Wildboyz and having his butt cheeks stapled together on Jackass, he was a regular in the pages of the legendary Big Brother skateboarding magazine…. [ read more ]

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