Inked Girl: Sarah Miller

October 13 2009

René Rofé boy shorts; The Blonds shoes. Everything about Sarah Miller adds up. Don’t believe us? Go ahead and challenge this 32-year-old engineering student on her multiplication skills. Heck, Miller will even double dare ya. “I am not a submissive-type… [ read more ]

Dirty Dolls Lingerie

October 9 2009

Big breasts are wonderful. But when it comes to fitting them into a comfortable bra, big-breasted ladies often find themselves jealous of those with smaller cup sizes. The teeny straps, the barely-there cups, the unnecessary padding—they all cause endless frustration…. [ read more ]

The Notorious Dita Von Teese

August 25 2009

At first glance, it doesn’t appear that modern-day burlesque icon Dita Von Teese has any tattoos. Look closer, and you realize that there is, in fact, one inking on her flawless body: the tiny black dot at the top of… [ read more ]

Inked Girls of New York City

August 11 2009

Meghan Age: 22 Occupation: Makeup Artist Favorite Tattoo: Cherry skulls on feet by Mohawk John from Immortal Ink Tattoo (Clinton, NJ) and Three Kings Tattoo (Brooklyn, NY) Lashaunda Age: 22 Occupation: Hairstylist Favorite Tattoo: Bumblebee behind ear by Vinny from… [ read more ]

Inked Girls New York City

August 7 2009

Mandy, 21, Painter Have you ever passed out while being tattooed? No. I’m not a pussy. Lashaunda, 21, hair stylist How do you like your men? With tits and tattoos. Donna, 25, hair vetinary rehab technician What is your next… [ read more ]

180 Proof

August 5 2009

Sex sensation Tila Tequila mixed Jell-O wrestling, catfights, tattoos, and blowup dolls into an explosive cocktail of entertainment, all in the name of love. While you’re reading this, Tila Tequila is taking over the world. Since rocketing into the libidos… [ read more ]

Tara Dakides

February 18 2009

Long before Tara Dakides was an X Games champ and leading lady of snowboarding, she was another 18-year-old having doubts about her next tattoo. “He had a twitchy eye,” Dakides remembers of the tattooer who took a turntable in payment… [ read more ]

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