Metal Sanaz

January 15 2009

Chances are you’re already friends with Metal Sanaz. Since launching her MySpace page in 2003, Sanaz has become a fixture on the friend lists of over 700,000 fans around the world who have helped her rack up more than two… [ read more ]

Shirly Brener

January 15 2009

“I’ve gotten to play a lot of drug addicts and hookers this year,” muses actress Shirly Brener. The Bardot-esque blonde, who possesses a paradoxical mix of girl-next-door charm and femme fatale-worthy dark sensuality, revels in her distinctiveness. She’s as comfortable… [ read more ]

Missy Suicide

October 8 2008

The explosion of tattooed, pierced, and otherwise modified models can be traced back to one Portland, Oregon, woman who was fed up with “siliconeenhanced Barbie dolls.” Using her prior experience on the Web and the camera skills she learned in… [ read more ]

Nina Sky

August 27 2008

When music wonder twins Nina Sky took over dance floors with their 2004 hit, “Move Ya Body,” even they weren’t sure what they were doing. “Our first album was written about things we hadn’t yet experienced in our lives,” says… [ read more ]

Lea Vendetta

August 27 2008

“I don’t like to do nice, clean tattoos or realistic stuff. A tattoo should look like a tattoo,” says Lea Vendetta, the Paris-born 37-year-old tattoo artist whose journey has taken her from the City of Lights to Key West, FL… [ read more ]

The XX Factor

June 10 2008

Tattooing wouldn’t be where it is today without females, both as inspiration and as artists. INKED looks at a few of the American women who spend every day wrist-deep in ink and blood. Stephanie Tamez AGE: 45 SHOP: New York… [ read more ]

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